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Martin Beaupré artist painter | Biography
Artist painter in Quebec CANADA - Martin Beau pré
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Monday 25 January 2021 | CHANGER DE LANGUE : FR | EN
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Martin Beaupré - artist painter in Quebec CANADA


MARTIN BEAUPRÉ, artist painter

Martin Beau Pré was born in Quebec, Canada, in 1961. Over the years Martin has found his point of balance by associating art with energy. As a full-time painter Martin's paintings are a reflection of his inner world. Martin takes us on a Zen journey which reveals a search for beauty and harmony in muffled tones, with serene, uncluttered compositions. In 1995, Martin founded the Médit'Art workshop, where he teaches modern and intuitive painting. Martin has also moderated art therapy workshops for amateur and professional painters, in the deserts of the United States and in the tropics of Hawaii.

Private and corporate collectors from all over the world find Martin's contemporary canvases arouse profound emotions. Thanks to his accomplished mastery of colors and his completely resistance-free approach. Martin’s paintings combine energy and dynamism with tranquility and serenity. The preferred luminous intensity is white, because it offers the possibility of attaining the infinite. Martin works in various mediums: oil, modeling paste, sand, Swarovski crystal and ink.

Inspired by his travels, Martin creates canvases imbued with Asian culture. Martin Beau Pré has met with Buddhist monks in Thailand and Japan who have become a great source of inspiration. Martin believes the principles of Japanese art are sacred. The secret which lends power to his art is this: the void is to be embellished, but never filled. Create the maximum effect with the minimum means. We find works showing flowering cherry-trees, mountains, Buddha's faces, geishas, and symbols and writings inspired by Zenga. Nothing is left to chance; there is a reason behind every detail.

One thing is for certain, there is never a confrontation between form and space. Everything coexists, everything is connected. Impression of calm, instant of grace, mastery of life, everything is softened. Martin Beau Pré offers us a mystical operation of the senses, a sort of voyage to the borders of the equilibrium and the immensity that reside within us. An intense poetry to be lived and explored!

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